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Welcome to Berryfruit New Zealand

Welcome to Berryfruit Export New Zealand, a grower-owned co-operative that promotes and manages the growing of boysenberries – a succulent, delicious and healthy fruit that can be used in a wide variety of produce.

We’re based in Nelson on the northern tip of the South Island, where the balmy summers ensure a sun-sweetened yield of New Zealand boysenberries. After they are harvested in the summer, careful selection and grading ensures that only premium quality boysenberries reach discerning manufacturers, importers, hotels, restaurants and food service outlets around the world. A delicious beginning!

100% natural and healthy

New Zealand has a deserved worldwide reputation for its unspoilt natural environment, pure water supply and fertile, lush soils. By serving New Zealand boysenberries your customers will get the pure goodness and nutrition they appreciate and deserve. There are a number of natural characteristics that make our fruit 'the pick of the bunch' for healthy eating:

And not only that, but they taste delicious as well!

Vibrant and versatile

New Zealand is today the world’s largest producer and exporter of boysenberries, a fruit which is enjoyed all around the globe in many ways. Their sweet and piquant taste, together with their incredible rich colouration, makes them enormously versatile.

Chefs find the exotic reddish purple colour offers many creative possibilities to excite the palate and stimulate the eye. Manufacturers use the intense flavour of New Zealand boysenberries for premium jams, preserves and conserves, in dairy deserts, ice creams and yoghurts, as fruit fillings for bakery products, and of course delicious beverages.

Boysenberries are also sensational on their own, and blend exceptionally well with other fruits making them 'great mixers' in juice, fruit or puree form.

Keeping it green

Here at Berryfruit Export New Zealand we take great pride not only in the quality of the fruit that is grown in New Zealand, but of our steps to guarantee it stays that way. We take the environment seriously, and have a policy of ensuring the growing of boysenberries is managed sustainably, with as little impact on the environment as possible. We also take great pride in our assurance that our boysenberries do not come from any varieties that have been produced using GE (genetically modified) technology.

A little bit of history

Boysenberries are a relative newcomer to the industry and were introduced to New Zealand in 1937. By 1948 they were well established in the Nelson region, which remains the main producing area due to the preferred climate in which boysenberries thrive. Generally believed to be derived from a cross between a loganberry and blackberry, it was named after its inventor, a Swedish immigrant to California, Rudolf Boysen. Click here for more information on history.

Where are we?

Berryfruit Export New Zealand is based in the Nelson Region

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